Underground Car Parking

If you are going to have a secret lair or hideout or cave, you need a way to discretely tuck away your wheels. It may not be a batcave, but it gets you close.

I envision it as phase one of my multi-phase underground headquarters build-out with a quaint residential front. Phase I is the cardok. Phase II includes expansion, technology installation, full off-the-grid HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, and communications. Phase III… well,┬áthe first rule is not to talk about Phase III.


The Cardok CarLift was developed to enable customers to access their basement garages utilizing a lift rather than a ramp.

Numerous customers have chosen this very esthetical and compact solution. When the lift is in lowered position, there is no visible impact! And your guests can park their cars on the top deck.

Turntables can also be provided within the basement garage to allow easier access to every underground parking space.

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