Temperature Adjustable Mug

I love the idea of a precise temperature control mug to keep tea and coffee at it’s ideal temperature, and a temperature that is drinkable. I love that the mug is unpretentious. Even the integrated display fades into the background until needed. The bulge near the top will help you keep a solid grip and the cap is designed so you can take a drink from any angle.

Yeah, this may be a lot of electronics (and a lot of dollars) for what is ultimately a travel mug. But it’s a well designed travel mug that solves the goldilocks problem for hot drinks.

Maybe you like brewed coffee at 140˚F (60˚C), pumpkin spice lattes at 134˚F (56.5˚C), and green tea at 148˚F (64.5˚C).  You can use the app to quickly switch between your favorite temperature presets.

Back it on Indiegogo — $129

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