Smartwatch with Infinite Battery Life

This Kickstarter merges the self-winding concept from analog watches with a hybrid smartwatch. This watch will cure your smartwatch battery life woes. In fact, the goal is to never have to charge this watch. Ever. This watch looks fantastic and hits all the important smartwatch features.

  • Smart looks: yup
  • Traditional, interchangeable bands: yes
  • Activity tracking: encouraged
  • Customizable notifications: Indeed
  • A halfway decent looking app: so far
  • Infinite battery life: yes.

Even if you’re a die-hard Apple Watch or Android Wear fan though, you’ll admit that all smartwatches suffer from battery life challenges. This watch solves that challenge.

I came super close to buying an analog smartwatch recently. I love the look of classic movements and I don’t particularly like the idea of making yet-another-screen even more accessible. In that same vein, I wanted something that would give me phone notifications and the time that might allow me to keep my phone in my pocket more of the time. I’d strongly consider this watch. Personally, I’d buy the black face with gunmetal movements; I think it just looks slick. (note: that’s different from the limited, transparent edition shown above)




Back it now on Kickstarter — $195 and up

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