Reporter’s Notebook

It’s true that geeks love their technology, but they’re also some of the first to bring back throw-back technology such as vintage typewriters, fountain pens, and notebooks.

Everyone’s preference for notebook varies, but I know at least one former report for who would appreciate this well crafted reporters notebook. If you haven’t used one before, you might appreciate the form factor. It’s tuckable in a back pocket and into most purses, and the top spiral binding means there isn’t a big ugly spine to deal with and it lays flat.

If you’ve ever wanted to take notes like an old-school reporter, bring it back with these Field Notes notebooks, a fountain pen, and a fedora.

The Reporter’s Notebook is an iconic American object. From “The Front Page” to “All the President’s Men” to “Spotlight,” the sight of one being whipped out and flipped open is a sure sign that somebody is about to write down something important.

Buy it now on Field Notes — $12.95

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