Paper Airplane Powerup

We don’t often post toys on Subtle Geeks. But sometimes, they’re just too nifty to pass up.

I remember making paper airplanes as a kid. In fact, not really sure why I stopped. It was fun to go through books of paper airplanes and try out the different designs. Truth be told, there are way better designs than the humble dart. Yet, the dart is really all I can remember.
If this was available back in the day, it would have been at the top of my letter to Santa. Because who doesn’t love the idea of adding thrust to their paper airplane?! It does seem that the design of this doohickey might limit your design options, but I think that’s a fair tradeoff.

Paper airplanes are fun to throw around the office. But sometimes you just want them to go a little farther. Well, slip one of these conversion kits in and your paper plane will now be smartphone-controlled!

Buy it now on ThinkGeek — $49.99

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