No-Mess French Press


Do you drink coffee every day? Of course you do. You are a denizen of the internet, a proud purveyor of fine cat gifs and even finer geeky things. But simply throwing some Folgers in a drip coffee machine won’t cut it. A good coffee demands precision. Like the type of precision that comes with a French Press.

French Press is arguably one of the best methods of brewing coffee, but cleanup comes with a bit of a headache. All those annoying grounds. Furthermore, you have to have an excellent pour to avoid the finer grounds from ending up in your cup. In the morning, this is a challenge.

So, introducing this beautiful glass and metal apparatus. It contains a filter and some fancy internals to make clean-up a breeze and prevent those finer grounds from getting in your cup.

Preorder it now on Indiegogo — $69

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