NFC Wooden Notebook

A new spin on the “smart” notebook trope. The WOOK notebook doesn’t try to digitally capture your notes or doodles. In fact, the pages inside are decidedly analog. Instead, the beautiful, laser-engraved, wooden cover contains an NFC tag that works with a companion app. Place your phone on the cover and it automatically launches apps and manipulates settings.

For example, set up WOOK to enable do-not-disturb mode and start a 30 minute timer. When the 30-minute meeting starts, put your phone on the notebook and count down until you can go back to surfing Twitter. This is an Android-only thing.

The wooden cover looks amazing in both the recycled and oak options. In a tech-forward world, I love the idea of very analog and natural products with just a hint of technology. We wrote about a smart mirror months ago which feels similar — an analog mirror, with a hidden monitor behind it. Or the analog, infinite-battery, smartwatch.

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