Modern Mechanical Keyboard

I have a Das Keyboard. It’s not sleek. It’s not particularly sexy, but it has one really great thing going for it: mechanical keyswitches. For serious keyboard use, there’s nothing quite like the tactical feel of mechanical keys.


When I saw this kickstarter for a Das Keyboard, I had two thoughts. First, what could another black plastic keyboard possibly improve over the original? Second, did they get rid of mechanical keyswitches?

Prepare to be blown away. The mechanical keyswitches are still there. And they keyboard is still kind of an ugly black plastic, but they’ve packed it with some pretty crazy technology. In particular, they keyboard has an API that can connect data with the the RGB led embedded on each individual key.

You might connect the “g” key to ramp in color temperature as more and more messages pile up in gmail. Or program the number keys to represent percentage complete of your website traffic goals for the week. Or how about an animated smiley face if you get a direct message on twitter? Of course, there will be an online community for recipes, connection to IFTTT, and so forth.

Want some ideas of what it can d0? Go check out the project.

Back it now on Kickstarter — $139+

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