Graphene Jacket

Graphene. The substance that was supposed to (and still may) revolutionize electrical and material science. I’m still hoping for better, graphene-based batteries, but this first commercial product is pretty cool too.

Vollebak figured out how to mass-produce and layer graphene onto nylon. The resulting fabric was then used to create a jacket, with some pretty interesting, particularly thermal, properties. Otherwise, it looks like a pretty normal rain shell, though the only color is carbon black.

The first version is sold out (it went quick), but the company plans on using the first run as a bit of an experiment to see what real-world properties graphene helps with. For example, they wonder if they need to tone down or ramp-up electrical conductivity.

Version one of the jacket was $695, but they’re taking sign-ups for advanced access to version two.

Reserve version two on Vollebak

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