Going to DAPPER DAY at Disneyland?

It’s confirmed! I’m going to be at the Fall DAPPER DAY at Disneyland. This twice-a-year event has grown into a full-scale celebration of style.

If you’ve been following Subtlegeeks, you’ll recognize that we post a fair amount of fashion, accessories, and subtle Disney products. An event that combines all of this is perfect.

If you’re curious, my outfit for Sunday will be a Disneybound based on J. Thaddeus Toad’s standard suit.

Post a comment if you’re going to Fall DAPPER DAY at Disneyland. It’s November 3-4, 2019.

“Step out in style!” DAPPER DAY® Celebrates refined style from yesterday and today with fun accessories and events. Join our elegant outings to museums, Disney Parks, and more, in LA, Orlando, and Paris!”

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