Geeky Dress Shirts

Klaamotte cofounders showing off features of their geeky dress shirts

These geeky dress shirts are exactly what Subtle Geeks is about. This startup company recognizes the need to dress professionally and our desires to express ourselves. They’ve woven subtle geeky patterns into their 100% organic cotton shirt fabric. I think these would pair nicely with a π tie.

A lot of stylish and fashionable blouses and shirts can be found, but none of them really bring out the geek in you. The klaamotte designed its business attire with all its love for IT. All offered klaamottes comply with any business dress code but still show your nerdy nature in a subtle and professional way.

The folks at Klaamotte are planning on creating four patterns in four different colors:

  • Circuit board: blue on white or green on green
  • Binary: green on black or black on white
  • Curly braces: orange on orange or black on white
  • Spider monkey (in the shape of an @ sign): grey on black or gold on white.

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