First-person paper airplane flight

Front view

We’ve highlighted gadgets that enhance paper airplanes before. This gadget though, lets you see your airplane fly, from the airplane’s perspective.

Battery life isn’t terrible given that it’s hanging out, on a paper airplane. A single battery will get you 10 minutes of flight time. Thankfully spare batteries and a multi battery charger are fairly inexpensive. This will let you extend a session to 50 minutes of flight time (enough for you, your kids, and a lookie loo or two at the park) without any need for additional charging.

Finally, the part most likely to break on this airplane is the fuselage. After all, it’s made of paper! Thankfully, it’s the most fun to replace. Simply grab another sheet and use the opportunity to fold something new. If something else goes wrong, it’s likely to be a bent propeller or a mashed nose bumper, so here’s a pack of replacement parts to keep you in the air.

Power Up FPV lets you experience flight as if you were sitting in the cockpit of your very own paper airplane. Wearing your smartphone with a head-mounted display (Google cardboard viewer included), you see what your plane sees, controlling your paper drone with intuitive movements of your head.

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