Engraved Science Coasters

I collect coasters — mostly beer coasters. The small size and disposability lends itself to a wide variety of creative graphic design. I enjoy flipping through my stack to find a coaster to match my mood.

Even though I have a stack of coasters I’ve pilfered from breweries, bars, and restaurants these coasters from Etsy are still pretty incredible. Furthermore, their two-tone color palette and simple graphic design make them more likely to fit into your decor.

The eight I would choose: DNA 1, Atom (dark & light), Full Moon, Moon Phases (dark and light), and Magnetic Field (dark & light)

This listing is for a SET of any 8 wood coasters. These coasters are made of baltic birch wood, which has been painted and laser engraved. Each coaster is coated with non-toxic water based polyurethane to protect it.

Buy it now on Etsy — $40

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