Batman Blazer

Hero Within is a new company that aims to create fashionable clothing lines that integrate geek style/pop culture in subtle, board-room appropriate ways.

We think that is exactly what Subtle Geeks is all about. I’m very excited to share this Batman blazer. It’s easy to miss (which is the point, by the way), but the way the seams come together on the back produce the bat symbol.

It’s easier to see on the grey blazer, so there’s a photo of that below. But seriously, Batman wears whatever blazer he wants. As long as it’s black.

Whether in the boardroom, out on the town or out on a date, the BATMAN Blazer is a subtle yet empowering way to express your fandom. The iconic bat symbol is integrated into the construction of this blazer making it a one-of-a-kind fashion statement. This means the bat symbol is a clever seam rather than a screen print.

Preorder it now on Hero Within — $199

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