5 Awesome Things for the Solar Eclipse

The 2017 Solar Eclipse is coming up very soon: August 21, 2017. If you’re headed to the path of totality or anywhere close, here are 5 things that are fantastic and geeky: from apparel to science. All available with Amazon Prime, so it’s not too late!

1: Solar Glasses

Solar glasses are a must-have. There are lots of cardboard glasses around, which work just fine, but if you want sturdier frames and lenses less prone to warping, here’s a great option. Buy now.

2: Solar viewing with prescription glasses

If you need vision correction, here’s an option for solar viewing with prescription glasses. These easily clip on over your regular glasses. Buy now.

3: An Ecliptic T-shirt

There are all sorts of shirt designs, here are three we thought were pretty awesome.

5: Solar Eclipse Science Experiment

The eclipse is going to be a great opportunity for science. One simple experiment is to record the power output of a solar panel during the course of the eclipse. How does the power (wattage) change as the light levels drop? How does it impact voltage? This is a bit of a DIY experiment for those of you that like to mess with electronics. Here’s a tutorial that shows how to set up an Audino Uno to measure voltage and amperage (which can then give you wattage). Log that to a file and you’ll be able to graph it later. Here’s some of the stuff you’ll need:


Are you planning on doing some science during the eclipse? Let us know in the comments!

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