Review Policy

We are always interested in seeing new geeky things! Most of our posts are links to products we’ve seen and are not considered reviews or endorsements. As our schedule and opportunities arise however, we will publish longer-form reviews for products we have the opportunity to wear, see, touch, and interact with.

What we Review

We review home decor, furniture, fashion, and accessories that are geeky, but also understated, subtle. We love good design. If the product screams it’s geekiness from the rooftops, it’s not for us.

Who writes the Reviews

Subtle Geeks is managed by a brother-sister team with occasional input from a larger group of friends. We’ll try to match review products with a reviewer who will be most interested or excited by that area of fandom.

Review Schedule

Reviews are published regularly based on publication dates, current events, and other criteria.

If we receive a product ahead of a launch date, we do our very best to ensure a review is posted beforehand. We are willing to honor embargoes.

Fairness in Reviews

We pride ourselves on honesty in our reviews but also strive to make our opinions about products defensible. We disclose to our readers anytime we received a product in exchange for an honest review and we do not guarantee reviews for products we receive.

Send us your products

Please read the guide above for more information about what we are looking for and mail your product to:

Subtle Geeks
c/o Taylor Dewey
PO Box 1
Beaverton, OR 97075

Feel free to send us an email (info AT subtlegeeks DOT com) to let us know it’s coming and be sure to include a URL where people can purchase your product. If your product can’t be shipped to a PO Box, we can provide a street address upon request.